Spirit of Fiji Islands abandoned in fire in Luzon Strait

Spirit of Fiji Islands   The ferry Spirit of Fiji Islands caught fire in Luzon Strait north off Babuyan Island. The fire started in the engine room, due to a technical malfunction in the fuel injection system. The ferry Spirit of Fiji Islands was empty during the accident boarded only by 19 crew members, who abandoned the vessel after it started blazing. The ferry was left adrift in position 20 nautical miles North off Babuyan Island without power and control. The local authorities sent a fire fighting tug to the scene of the accident, which will try to get control of the fire on board. According to the experts from Philippines the ship might be headed to repair or demolition yard in Asia, where to be scrapped. There is an option the ferry to be intentionally set on fire due to the vessel insurance.

   The ferry Spirit of Fiji Islands (IMO: 6817675) has deadweight of 2,267 DWT and gross tonnage of 4,421 GRT. The ship was built in 1968 in shipyard of Jj Sietas Schiffswerft in Hamburg, Germany. Still there is no information about the ferry condition and its seaworthiness, but the local authorities report that it may cause a navigation danger in the Luzon Strait. The authorities started investigation about the reason caused the accident and the fire. The ship will be towed to safety position if the fire is not under control. ETC of the firefighting tug is 16th October 2013 night.