Motor yacht Topaz

Topaz   The motor yacht Topaz is one of the largest and most beautiful private yachts in the world. The yacht was built in 2012 in the shipyard of Lurssen in Bremen, Germany according to the latest marine engineering innovations and best practices. This is one of the most comfortable and most luxury vessels of the world, using the most modern equipment and decisions. The designers of the beautiful yacht Topaz are Terence Disdale Design Studio and Tim Heywood, who are well known with great futuristic and stylish designs. The yacht is large and spacefull, giving high class of comfort and making really wonderful cruises. The motor yacht Topaz has overall length of 147.00 m, moulded beam of 21.50 m and maximum summer draft of 5.60 m. The vessel has gross tonnage of 11,589 GRT and deadweight of 900 DWT. These measurements are making the yacht 5th largest in the world by length. The yacht is also highly reliable for operations and cruises, as the marine architects used steel hull and aluminum superstructure to increase its strength and seaworthiness. According to official sources the price of the project is about 525 million USD, which is nothing when talking about such majestic and modern yacht.

   The engineering and propulsion system of the private motor yacht Topaz is also on high quality. The main engines installed on board are special Lurssen development of two Pielstick diesel engines, each with power of 7,990 hp at 106 rpm. This power allows the yacht to reach maximum speed of 25.5 knots. The high power and the improved shape of the hull are making the cruise speed of the yacht over 22.9 knots. Also on board there are two diesel generators and one shaft generator, which ensure safety operation of the motor yacht Topaz and also support the equipment and facilities on board. Also the yacht is equipped with special active and passive stabilizers, which decrease the rolling during heavy sea.

Topaz private yacht   As expected the yacht Topaz is one of the most luxury and most attractive one, giving great extras and entertainments for the guests on board. The yacht has capacity for 12 guests divided into six high-class staterooms, each with own bathroom with vane, large living area and balcony. On board there are two jacuzzis, swimming pool and platform for jumping. Also for the comfortability of the guests there is one elevator and modern air conditioning system. Also the guests can enjoy a fitness room, cinema and large conference room. Definitely the luxury motor yacht Topaz is one of the most beautiful and most incredible vessel, which we have ever seen.

   Specifications of the yacht Topaz:
      •  Length: 147.00 m
      •  Beam: 21.50 m
      •  Draft: 5.60 mm
      •  Deadweight: 900 DWT
      •  Gross Tonnage: 11,589 GRT
      •  Engine: Pielstick
      •  Engine Power: 15,980 hp
      •  Speed: 25.5
      •  Shipyard: Lurssen yards in Bremen, Germany
      •  Year: 2012

More photos of the the yacht Topaz:

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