Fire in the engine room of the ro-ro cargo ship Massimo M

Massimo M ro-ro   The Ro-ro cargo ship Massimo M caught fire in the engine room on 13 nautical miles off Olbia, Sardinia. The fire started from technical malfunction in one of the compartments of the electric generators. Fortunately the compartment was equipped with CO2 firefighting system, which the crew started and the fire was quickly extinguished. There are no injuries from the crew members and just a few damages over the engine room. The Ro-ro cargo ship Massimo M entered into the port of Olbia, Sardinia with own engines and berthed for repair and inspections. The company operator of the vessel reported that there are no damages over the cargo and the crew reacted accordingly to restrict the fire and to prevent the ship from more damages.

   The vessel Massimo M (IMO: 7411387) has length of 168.00 m, moulded beam of 21.00 m and maximum draft of 5.90 m. The summer deadweight of the Ro-ro cargo ship is 10,320 DWT and gross tonnage of 12,494 GRT. The vessel was built in the shipyard of Stx Norway Floro in Floro, Norway. In spite of the fact that the ro-ro ship was built in 1975 it is in good condition and regularly maintained, passing all the SS and DD. The cargo ship is property and managed by the company Moby registered in Milano, Italy. The company reported that the slight damages of the engine room will be fixed fast and the ship will have delay of 2-3 days from the time table. The ship will continue operations on full speed after the repair and the inspection from the port authorities.