Dealing with Marine Accidents – Timely Preparation and Prevention Can Save Lives

The prospect of marine accidents in the maritime community can be extremely dangerous, especially if the proper prevention practices are not observed. Understanding how a marine accident happens and what you have to do to prevent or deal with it once it had already occurred is an essential consideration that is often ignored by those […]

Type 23 Frigate of The Royal Navy

Type 23 frigate or Duke-class is a warship made for the Royal Navy. The name of this particular ship comes from the British Dukes thus it is called the “Duke-class”. It was first built by Yarrow Shipbuilders and Swan Hunter in the year 1989 preceding the type 22 frigate. It was intended to be light […]

General cargo ship Riona ran aground in Finland

   The general cargo ship Riona hardly ran aground south off Kasnas after a navigation mistake in bad weather. The cargo vessel stuck in mud bottom south from Kimito Island and got small hole in the bow, which is close to one of the fuel tanks. The divers and maritime inspectors surveyed the hull and the […]

Ferry Corona Seaways caught fire off Copenhagen

   The ferry Corona Seaways caught fire when leaving the port of Copenhagen, Denmark. The crew members reacted immediately to the fire but were unable to control it and extinguish it permanently. The fire quickly grew to the whole vessel and caused serious danger for the people on board. During the fire on board of the […]

Royal Dutch Shell received FLNG Prelude

   Samsung Heavy Industries completed the largest floating object of the world and delivered it to the Anglo–Dutch multinational oil and gas company – Royal Dutch Shell. The vessel is the largest floating base for the reception, processing and transfer of liquefied natural gas and called FLNG Prelude. The ship is the largest floating object in […]

France and Japan allowed armed guards on their cargo ships

   France and Japan allow armed guards on their commercial and cargo vessels, due to the increased risks of piracy and hijacking of vessel. The maritime transport companies in France and Japan requested from the government to allow armed guards to board their ships for ensure the safety of the crews at sea. The same negotiations […]

Gdansk shipbuilding yard is facing bankruptcy

   The historically famous shipbuilding yard in Gdansk, Poland may bankrupt during the next months. This information came after failed negotiations between the management of the yard and the local government for financial aid of the shipyard. The factory is owned by the Ukrainian company ISD, which has over 58.1 million USD debts to several external […]